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Careers to Solve the Climate Crisis

The Films

With COP26 and associated protests ongoing in Glasgow, it is clear a green recovery is necessary, and that young people are motivated to be a part of it. Providing the right information is pivotal to ensuring those at the beginning of their careers feel empowered to make their employment contribute to tackling the climate crisis.

This summer, Cambridge Zero’s Rosa Prosser produced six short films which showcase current and future careers necessary to achieve net-zero by 2050. Each episode is organised by theme, highlighting roles ranging from nature-based solutions to public policy. This diversity of roles showcases the breadth of opportunity to apply skills from across disciplines to achieve net-zero. In their entirety, they make a compelling case for holistically including all sectors in finding workable solutions to the climate crisis, and reframing employment as a site for young people to express their agency, and work for a future they wish to believe in, and ultimately inhabit.

Rosa Prosser, Cambridge student and producer of the series, hopes that the series will ‘raise awareness of the great diversity of green jobs that are currently available, as well as those that will be available in the future’, thereby ‘empowering young people to pursue a career that has a positive impact on the planet’.

Episode one introduces the concepts of net-zero and a green recovery and addresses how young people can take an active role in the transition to net-zero by using their career choices.


Episode two, “The Public Sector”, addresses how the public sector can lead the way to a decarbonised economy in our fight to tackle the climate crisis.


Episode three, “The Built Environment”, looks at the various careers required to decarbonise the construction sector and highlights the importance of involving young people in this process.


Episode four, “Nature-Based Solutions”, explores the potential for nature-based solutions to combat the climate crisis and the role jobs can play in a green economic recovery.


Episode five, “Creativity and Innovation”, addressed the need for creative thinking when it comes to finding new solutions to tackle the climate emergency.


Episode six, “Inspiring Hope”, emphasises the take-home message from the series – that young people can take an active role in the transition to net-zero through their career choices, and should feel empowered to do so across all sectors.