Cambridge Zero Student Survey

Student survey on climate change and sustainability: Cambridge Zero want to hear your views!

We would like to invite all students at the University of Cambridge, postgraduates, and undergraduates alike, to fill out this 6-minute survey so we can better understand your needs and wants within climate change education and sustainability.  
The aim is to improve and tailor what’s on offer and understand your attitudes to the way climate change and sustainability are embedded in your courses, extra-curriculars and daily College and university life. This is an opportunity to let your voice and opinions be heard, and to shape the future of climate change and sustainability at the University of Cambridge. 

There are two main parts to the survey:

  • Section 1: Learning about the climate crisis and action you can take at the University of Cambridge 
  • Section 2: Living a sustainable life at the University of Cambridge

You can also sign up to participate in some future interviews and focus groups on the topics.

Please follow the link to complete the survey; there is a prize draw amongst the respondents for a £50 book token so you can get your hands on some of the books you have been eyeing during lockdown. The first 50 people to respond to the survey will have their name entered twice into the draw! The survey closes on August 16th, shortly after which the winner will be contacted. 
We look forward to hearing your opinions and improving the possibilities within climate change and sustainability at the University of Cambridge. 

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