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Vegetarian Meal Choice Infographic

Veg Nudge Infographic

In this infographic we explore research by Dr Emma Garnett into vegetarian meal choices at colleges within the University of Cambridge. Emma explored the roles of availability and price in determining whether people would be more likely to opt for a vegetarian meal. This research rests on the idea that people can be gently nudged into choosing more environmentally friendly options!


Emma E. Garnett, Andrew Balmford, Chris Sandbrook, Mark A. Pilling,Theresa M. Marteau, 2019, 'Impact of increasing vegetarian availability on meal selection and sales in cafeterias', Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 116 (42),1. 

Emma E. Garnett, Theresa M. Marteau, Chris Sandbrook, et al. 'Order of meals at the counter and distance between options affect student cafeteria vegetarian sales.', Nat Food 1, 485–488 (2020).

Emma E. Garnett, Andrew Balmford, Theresa M. Marteau, Mark A.Pilling, Chris Sandbrook, 2021, 'Price of change: Does a small alteration to the price of meat and vegetarian options affect their sales?', Journal of Environmental Psychology, Volume 75.


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