People with larger than life flower flags on the COP26 march

Student Maryam Grassley at COP26’s People’s Summit

Undergraduate Maryam Grassley attended COP26 and has selected their key poignant quotes from the People’s Summit for Climate Justice, organised by COP26 coalition and occurring from the 7-10th November.


“I was studying to be a doctor. Then I looked at a map of predicted sea level rise and the hospital I was studying [at] was going to be underwater by 2050. What’s the point of becoming a doctor if the hospital I will work in will be underwater?!” - Filipino Youth.

“Where will my people go? Where will my culture continue? Where will I go? If Tuvalu drowns, I will drown with it”. “We are not here for your pity. We are here to act together about climate change” - Young person from Tuvalu, an island in the Pacific which is being flooded.

“I teach myself about Climate Change. We are denied education about the crisis that is impacting us. The other people in my community don’t know about climate change. There is no platform for me to speak on. If we protest against the government, we are killed or imprisoned” - Young woman from India.

“The lake is brown, all the fish are dead… but my children will go back and look (and see a blue lake with a thriving ecosystem) and say you did a good job” - Young, determined Kenyan Activist.

Young person from Tuvalu and others on a panel talk to an audience in a Church in Glasgow.
Crowds gather for a COP26 protest