Our Mission

A bold response to the climate crisis

Cambridge Zero exists to maximise the University of Cambridge’s contribution towards achieving a resilient and sustainable zero-carbon world. Cambridge Zero is not just about developing greener technologies or a zero-carbon university. We are harnessing the full range and breadth of the Collegiate University’s capabilities, both in the UK and globally, to develop solutions that work for our lives, our society and our economy.

We do this by acting as both a hub and an umbrella, integrating and enhancing the University’s activities, in particular through:

  • research and innovation to drive technological and social change,
  • education and training to provide the skills needed to deliver a different future,
  • engaging with a broad coalition of stakeholders to develop solutions collectively, and
  • leading by example by supporting ambitious decarbonisation.

Since its launch in November 2019, Cambridge Zero has achieved a huge amount with a growing team. We made a major contribution to the debate about recovery from the global pandemic and to COP26 (the UNs major climate summit and focal point for the international climate agenda). We have built strong partnerships with a broad range of local, national and international thinkers and doers.

Read more about us in our annual report.

In all of our work, our vision remains: that a resilient and sustainable zero-carbon world is attainable. Universities are central to generating and disseminating the knowledge and ideas that will shape a rapid transition to such a world. They provide interdisciplinary research and innovation, deep and holistic analysis, objective and dispassionate guidance, and equip new generations with the skills to lead change.

Focusing on those areas where we can make a significant contribution, and by convening and collaborating with a broad coalition of relevant stakeholders, Cambridge Zero will catalyse a revolution to deliver a positive future.