Lauren Milden

Lauren Milden

Policy Advisor at the Centre for Science and Policy

Lauren has supported academics to develop their policy impact activities, such as Policy Workshops, at the Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP) since 2019.

She previously worked as a Policy Coordinator in public health at the University, where she initially led the Public Health: Research into Policy pilot. She has also worked in crisis communications and lobbying in London, primarily within the health and social care sectors.

Lauren holds a degree in law from the University of Cambridge and a degree in French and English Literature from the University of British Columbia.


What is your favourite thing about being part of Cambridge Zero or the University of Cambridge?

It is a privilege to interact with talented and determined academics,  policy stakeholders and colleagues, representing diverse areas of expertise. It is inspiring to see the multidisciplinary community of experts contributing to reaching net zero. 

What do you think is our biggest environmental challenge?

This is, unfortunately, a question with many possible answers. I am particularly conscious that those who already suffer from inequalities are often those most threatened by the climate crisis, which underscores the urgent need for action.

What gets you out of bed (and into work) in the morning?

The prospect of working on important topics with my talented, lovely colleagues and stakeholders. And espresso, too much espresso.