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What is COP and How Can I Get Involved?

20 May 2024

The University of Cambridge is officially admitted as a non-governmental organisation (NGO) Observer to the COP negotiations, and is eligible to nominate delegates to attend the Intersessional meetings and COPs. This process is coordinated by the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) for the whole university, in collaboration with Cambridge Zero (CZ) and other university partners. Learn how it works here.

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Future Leaders Programme 2024 - Centre for Landscape Regeneration

29 January 2024

The Centre for Landscape Regeneration (CLR) is offering a number of roles as part of this year’s Future Leader Programme with the aim to improve diversity and inclusion in the environmental sciences. These roles are funded by NERC in line with the NERC Diversity and Inclusion Living Action Plan.

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Future Leaders Programme 2024

29 January 2024

This summer, Cambridge Zero is collaborating with the Centre for Landscape Regeneration, the Department of Architecture and Aldersgate Group to offer a number of paid project assistant positions to current or recent undergraduate students as part of the 2024 Future Leaders Programme. These roles present an opportunity to get involved in these organisations at a critical time for climate and environmental issues globally.

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Defining 'Green Jobs' - Green Careers Festival 2024

26 January 2024

Cambridge Zero is pleased to be partnering with the University of Cambridge Careers Service on delivering the University’s third Green Careers Festival. In collaboration with the Student Union, we have thought carefully about how to define 'green jobs', and how to deliver a Green Careers Fair that supports all students to find jobs leading the change to a climate-resilient, net zero world.

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Climate Challenge 2024

10 January 2024

Are you interested in climate change and want to give entrepreneurship a try? Want to develop your ideas and be in with a chance of winning a £1500 cash prize? The Climate Challenge is an early-stage climate entrepreneurship training programme and competition for postgrads and postdocs at the University of Cambridge.

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CamEATS ZERO: Supporting Cambridge Colleges to reduce the climate impact of catering

8 January 2024

CamEATS ZERO, launching in February 2024, is supporting all Cambridge Colleges to implement sustainable food policies to build on their progress towards achieving Net Zero. CamEATS ZERO has produced science-based Guidance on four priority actions for sustainable food policies together with training in plant-based cookery and minimising food waste for all catering staff.

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New Law and Climate Atlas from CCE at Hughes Hall

13 December 2023

The CCE based at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge, launched its Law and Climate Atlas during COP27 last year. Now in time for COP28, it is releasing an updated and expanded version. This free online resource maps the intersections between climate change and different areas of law to show the impact of climate change in each area, and how lawyers can help to drive the transition to net zero. The latest version outlines key climate-related legal developments from 2023 from the UK and tracks how noteworthy examples worldwide might influence the UK’s legal landscape. New content includes convenient links to key legislation and cases outlined in each section, an expanded glossary of jargon, and a wider range of resources to help navigate legal climate issues.