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Defining 'Green Jobs' - Green Careers Festival 2024

Cambridge Zero is pleased to be partnering with the University of Cambridge Careers Service on delivering the University’s fourth Green Careers Fair and third Green Careers Festival. The transition to a climate-resilient, net zero world will require skilled and talented individuals working in all sectors of society from finance and law to education and healthcare and avoiding the fossil fuel industry. The changes that will be needed both to mitigate the effects of climate change and adapt to life with climate change are wide-ranging and will need innovative thinkers from across disciplines.

In collaboration with the Student Union, we have thought carefully about how to deliver a Green Careers Fair that supports all students to find jobs leading the change.

We have decided to showcase “green jobs”, irrespective of the sector (with the exception of extractive industries like  oil, mining, and gas) because the transition to net zero will require action across all parts of society.

We have followed the British Council definition of a green job and have required all attending organisations to confirm that any roles they have to offer meet this definition:

Green jobs are “decent jobs in any economic sector (e.g. agriculture, industry, services, administration) that contribute to preserving, restoring and enhancing environmental quality.” In the face of the climate crisis, fair wages and good working conditions are crucial for building a sustainable future, attracting and retaining those who are passionate about solving the climate crisis. 

The Green Careers Fair & Festival aims to showcase exciting green jobs and to inspire students to embark on a green career. It should be noted, however, that we cannot guarantee the broader green credentials of the organisations presenting, and therefore we strongly encourage students to use their critical judgment to consider this themselves. To help support students in making decisions about green careers that are aligned with their own values, the Green Careers Festival will include sector-specific panel events as well as resources developed by the Careers Service, including a recording of panel event held in 2022 focussed on “greenwashing”.

The Green Jobs sector is evolving rapidly. We intend our Green Careers Fair & Festival to be an annual event. We will keep our approach under review, recognising the complexities, and we welcome constructive feedback - please send your thoughts and concerns to



We are delighted that this year's Green Careers Festival will span two weeks, from Monday 29 January to Friday 9 February 2024. Students will have the opportunity to attend a variety of events attended by employers and professionals engaged in climate and sustainability work across a range of different sectors. We have listed some of these events below, but to view the full programme, had to the Careers Service website and click 'Upcoming Events'.


Cambridge Judge Business School Green Careers Evening

Thursday 1 February, 17:30-20:00

Fadi Boustany Lecture Theatre on CJBS Campus, networking in Simon Sainsbury Centre Foyer from 6:30pm

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Cambridge Judge Business School is excited to host a Green Careers panel and networking event, uniting industry leaders and professionals across diverse sectors committed to sustainability. This is a great opportunity to have meaningful conversations and explore opportunities in green initiatives and environmentally conscious careers.

Representatives will be attending from: Above & Beyond Recruitment (ClimateTech Recruitment), Baringa, Palladium, Chanel, PA Consulting, Ampyr Solar Europe, ASDA, JUX Food, SystemIQ, Cambridge Enterprise, Foodbud, and more, including alumni who have started their own companies focussed on green issues.


"There is no such thing as a green job" Thinking critically about employers in the sustainability sector

Friday 2 February, 17:00-18:30

New Wing Seminar Room, Student Services Centre

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Are you interested in a green career but want to make sure employers are walking the talk? Join us at “There is no such thing as a green job” Thinking critically about employers in the sustainability sector to discuss greenwashing and green careers. What questions should you ask employers about their sustainability policies and environmental impact? How do you know if an employer is greenwashing? Hear from a varied panel of sustainability professionals as they discuss whether or not you can make a difference on climate change and sustainability in a large company.


Careers in Sustainable Investment

Monday 5 February, 17:30-18:30

Chen-Tsao Lecture Theatre, Judge Business School

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University of Cambridge Investment Management (UCIM), the organisation that manages the Cambridge University Endowment Fund (CUEF), will be hosting a one-hour session for undergraduates interested in finding out more about careers in sustainable investment. Attendees will discover why sustainable investment is an important and positive force for change in the path to net zero, as well as the types of job opportunities available. The UCIM team will also provide practical suggestions on searching for roles and useful networks. One of UCIM’s recent sustainable investment interns (joining the team in a permanent role in August 2024) will also be on hand to share her experience and talk about the internship programme.


AI Careers in the Environment Sector

Tuesday 6 February, 14:00-16:00

East 2, West Hub

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Are you interested in a career that uses AI to solve environmental challenges? Come along to the AI4ER Centre for Doctoral Training panel and Q&A session to find out more, with invited panellists from our partners - Moody’s RMS, the Met Office and Microsoft. The event will include an opportunity to network with panellists and attendees.


Greening the Built Environment: Careers in Sustainability for Architects, Engineers, Managers and More

Tuesday 6 February, 17:00-18:30

Hicks Room, University Centre

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It is estimated that the built environment accounts for 25% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, and the figure rises to 40% globally. The challenge in the UK is particularly severe with ageing and inefficient building stock in urgent need of retrofit or replacement. There is an urgent need for a carbon efficient built environment that serves people’s needs globally. The UK – and the world – has acute challenges when it comes to the environmental impact of the built environment and there is huge opportunity for of skilled talented individuals to address these problems. There are lots of sectors through which you can pursue a career to transform the built environment – architecture, engineering, management, planning, construction, consulting and more.

Come along to Greening the Built Environment: Careers in Sustainability for Architects, Engineers, Managers and More to meet and hear from inspiring professionals working to accelerate sustainability in the built environment.


Exploring Careers within Sustainable Healthcare

Tuesday 6 February, 17:00-18:00

East Forvie Building, Cambridge Biomedical Campus

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'Climate change is the biggest global health threat of the 21st century’ – The Lancet

The climate crisis has numerous health implications. Healthcare additionally contributes to the problem, accounting for 4-5% of the UK's carbon footprint. Healthcare professionals therefore have a growing duty to understand and help mitigate the effects of this.

This event, hosted by the School of Clinical Medicine, will involve a panel discussion between a handful of healthcare professionals currently working within various areas of sustainable healthcare locally and further afield. It will provide inspiration and ideas for how to incorporate environmental sustainability as part of your career. This will be followed by a Q&A session to help answer your questions further.


Becoming a sustainability consultant without a STEM degree

Thursday 8 February, 17:00-18:30

Hicks Room, University Centre

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Do you need a technical background to work in sustainability consulting? What are employers looking for? What types of projects would I be involved in? And what is sustainability consulting anyway?!

Find out the answers to these questions and more at How to become a sustainability consultant without a STEM degree.

As the world comes to grips with the mounting urgency of the climate crisis, government bodies, NGOs and businesses need sustainability consultants to help measure their impact on the environment and recommend strategies to reduce it. The sustainability consulting industry has boomed in recent years, with lots of opportunities for young professionals from different backgrounds and disciplines. Find out whether sustainability consulting is for you at this panel event.


From farm to fork: using your career to make food systems more sustainable

Friday 9 February, 17:00-18:30

New Wing Seminar Room, University Centre

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Global food systems generate an estimated 30% of the world’s anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. Food production is responsible for negative impacts on global resources like freshwater, land, forests and biodiversity.

Transforming global food systems and eating habits will constitute a fundamental shift in how we live our lives. It will require skilled professionals and innovations across a range of sectors – from agriculture to hospitality. Come along to this panel event to find out how you can help make food more sustainable from farm to fork.