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COP27 Day 10 Round-up: A Non-Paper Release and Press Conferences on L&D

17 November 2022

It’s Thursday of Week 2 here at COP27, which means it’s crunch time for everyone - not only for parties, but also for civil society actors whose voices are getting louder and louder as more and more draft cover decision text emerges. Many went to the press conference rooms today to, once again, make publicly clear why we need an L&D funding mechanism here and now.

Airplane in flight - Photo by Emanu on Unsplash

Aviation Impact Accelerator: How will we fly to COP in 2035?

17 November 2022

In the two weeks of COP27, people across the world have flown to Sharm El-Sheikh to discuss action on climate change. Aviation is a crucial way to bring us together to tackle this challenge, but at the same time it is a major contributor to the problem. Flight must become climate neutral, and the Aviation Impact Accelerator is at the forefront of solving this challenge. Here we demonstrate how our Journey Impact Simulator (JIS) is used to explore different options.

Unlocking Radical Collaboration to Deliver on Nature-Positive and Net Zero Goals

COP27 Day 9 Round-up: Urgency in Negotiation Rooms and the Santiago Network

16 November 2022

Today the high-level segment statements concluded amidst an atmosphere of rising tensions and urgency in the negotiation rooms. The focus remains on those many countries who cannot wait any longer, living with ever-present dangers from climate change. Some progress is being made, as parties reached an agreement on the institutional arrangements to operationalise the Santiago Network.

Stockholm +50 event

COP27 Week 1 Round-up: A Passionate Community and the Role of Young People

12 November 2022

Today Freddie provides a look back at the first week of COP27, with some of the ups and downs the week has brought. COP has been described as an enabling space - for engaged and passionate people across professions and backgrounds to connect and talk. But it also needs to deliver on the speed and urgency of solutions and action needed, so we will see how week 2 pulls these commitments together.

ActNowFilm2 - screening and panel

COP27 Day 3 Round-up: ActNowFilm2 - Intergenerational Conversations on Climate Change

9 November 2022

Today, the premiere screening of a short film produced by Cambridge Zero and IPR at University of Bath showing the lived experiences of young people, their hopes and fears in the face of climate change, and the associated losses and damages. ActNowFilm2 is intended to visualise how the fight against climate change cuts across ages and generation; how it unites us in our common need to take action.