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Hundreds of UK scientists and academics urge Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to prevent any new oil and gas field development

28 March 2023

A letter initiated by Cambridge Zero Director Professor Emily Shuckburgh tells the Prime Minister that the latest global report on climate change demonstrates now is the time to channel all our efforts into renewable energy: “Last Monday the IPCC made it clear that immediate action is required to avert a climate catastrophe. Now is the time to be investing in the technologies of the future, not the past.”

Discussing a network of networks at COP27

Reflections on COP27: How can we build better networks among universities?

7 February 2023

Steve Davison, Director of Strategy for Cambridge Zero, is also the International Lead for the UK Universities Climate Network (UUCN). In this post, he shares his experiences from co-convening two workshops at COP27 for senior higher education representatives from around the world to discuss how we can better coordinate our work to support climate action.

COP27 venue

Cambridge at COP: Focus on action and speeding up implementation

2 December 2022

As COP27 wound down in the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, Cambridge kept its focus on action to reach emission goals set in Paris and Glasgow. Throughout the conference, Cambridge Zero, the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) and a host of researchers from across the University of Cambridge played their part in trying to move the agenda. Take a look at Cambridge at COP27.

Africa COP27

COP27 - One week post-COP: Hopes and Failures

25 November 2022

While this year’s conference did not set a new record, it was definitely one of the lengthiest COPs in the UNFCCC’s history – both literally and figuratively speaking. Almost one week since the close of COP27 last Sunday, Freddie looks back at what gave the most hope and where this COP fell short.