Research Symposium - Sustainable and Healthy Food Production

Sustainable food production 21st March at West Hub
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The Global Food Security IRC and Cambridge Zero are organising the 'Sustainable and Healthy Food Production' Symposium for the 21 March 2024 at the West Hub to highlight ground-breaking research within the food security sphere happening across the university. The symposium will challenge and stimulate new ideas about ways of growing, synthesising, and managing existing and alternative food sources, from industrialised to orphan crops, as well as alternative protein sources. Building on the outcomes of the symposium 'Towards a Better Food System: challenges and opportunities' held in July 2023, this event will focus on topics around integrating biodiverse and sustainable cropping systems, healthy food consumption, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from food production, and supporting and increasing the sustainability and resilience of diverse small and large food production system through economics, policy, and outreach.


The goal of the symposium is to provide the foundation for a white paper on how the University of Cambridge through the GFS IRC and CZ will strengthen and develop its research on food security and connections to industry and producers nationally and globally. The whole-day event will include presentations in the morning and targeted workshops in the afternoon aimed at defining the future at Cambridge, with participants from Cambridge and national and local institutions and associations.


The symposium will feature a number of keynote presentations from senior Cambridge academics and external speakers, and we are inviting submissions from Early Career Researchers (Cambridge Postdocs and PhD students) to present their research. Early Career Researchers can submit their abstracts here.


To register for the event, please click here.


Date and time: 21/03/2024, 9.30-17.00

Venue: West Hub, room East 2



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