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Centre for Climate Repair at Cambridge: Summer Internships

The Centre for Climate Repair is pleased to be offering four internships and five UROPs during the summer of 2023 (as per 2021 and 2022).  The UROPs are available to all university students and are administered by the Engineering Department.

These student placements will address various aspects of Climate Repair.  The worrisome lack of progress on further commitment to practical measures made at COP27 means that the likelihood of reaching net zero by 2050 is decreasing. Even if we do succeed in reaching net zero by 2050 the level of greenhouse gases is likely to rise to the point where we lose summer sea ice in the Arctic.  

Topics which students can choose from include: Ice Thickening; Atmospheric Methane Removal; Marine Cloud Brightening; Sea curtains; International/Climate Change Law; Ethics of geoengineering; Curriculum Development; Carbon Capture.

These placements will last for 8-10 weeks and students will be able to start in early July.

The final deadline for applications is 9am on 27 March. Interviews will be held online in the week commencing 17 April.  


Further information

To view the full list of internships and further details on how to apply, please follow this link.